Helps Deliver Impact!

STATOMETRY consults on strategic projects such as Pricing Research (specifically Conjoint), Market Segmentation, Product Innovation Testing (Ideas/Concepts) and Shopper Research Analytics. We have a Senior Servicing model and provide actionable point of view on business questions. 

Our applied statistical modeling practice provides actionable Data Insights, which enable clients to monetize and Democratize Data. Our customized analytics solution integrates multiple data types from both internal and external sources; Big and Small, Qualitative and Quantitative as well as Primary, Secondary or Transactional Data, empowering businesses to access insights and derive value from their data. 

Our Predictive Modeling techniques identify patterns across Data Sources, so our clients can make the best decisions for their business. With many years of experience, our team of professionals is dedicated to identifying opportunities and delivering solutions to a wide spectrum of specialized domains. 


Mining Existing Data Assets

We make sense of Big and Small Data to solve Specific Business Issues, Qualitative & Quantitative, Strategic & Tactical, Consumer & Business. We mine existing Data Assets, No Primary Research needed.

Solve Business Questions

Often clients are sitting on Rich Data which has been generated from multiple disparate sources for Good Business Decisions. However, in most cases, this data is sitting in Silos, without interaction and No Connection that can create value. We connect the Dots; identify the Relationship and Structure, Generate Insights and offer Actionable Recommendations to create Value.

Business Issues; We can Help!

We have extensive experience delivering strategic & complex projects based on primary and/or secondary data sources by creating distinctive brand propositions and positioning in a commoditized product category as well as unlocking a business opportunity by mining into multiple data sources, e.g., launch of a Travel Credit Card Maintaining Shopper Loyalty by looking at transactional and Shopper Preference Data.